Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My mom, the artist

I'm still reeling from last night's Kenny Loggins performance. It was a-freakin-mazing. And he fell in love with my cousin, so that was just the cherry on top. The cherry on top of that cherry was hanging out with Kenny's guitarist, Gene, and drummer, Chris, who also drums for Pat freakin Benetar and perhaps, just maybe, he'll get to putting us on the list when she comes to town in July. Love is a gol'darn battlefield!

(Oh, and we taught Gene and Chris two Texisms: "muggin' down" and "tumped over." Don't know what those mean? Move to Texas and you'll soon find out.)

Despite all of the crazy goodness last night, this morning I'm draggin' like a catfish at the bottom of Lake Lavon. So imagine my delight when I got this in my inbox this morning:

That is not a photograph. It's a drawing my mom did recently of her cat, Katy. Isn't it wonderful? My mom's been taking a drawing class at Richland (ain't retirement great?) and this is her latest triumph. Here's another particular favorite of mine that she did in pastels:

Who new all of us kin were so darn artistically inclined?

And did I mention Kenny Loggins *hearts* my cousin?

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