Friday, June 23, 2006


I'm forever updating this page. Send me resources if you have 'em!

Supply Shops
Auntie's Beads - beads and supplies
Beading Dreams - beads and supplies
Benno's Buttons - buttons, ribbons, trimmings
Passionknit - yarn and knitting supplies
Rock Barrel - beads and gemstones
Splendor in the Grass - beads and supplies
The Artful Bead - beads and supplies
The Shabby Sheep - yarn and knitting supplies
The Woolie Ewe - yarn and knitting supplies

Art/Craft Groups
Etsy Dallas
Oak Cliff Artisans

Classes & Workshops
Craft Guild of Dallas
Creative Arts Center
Paper Nerds

Local Indie Shops I Love
Abundance Boutique
bows and arrows
Coffee Haus Downtown
Crooked Tree Coffeehouse
Dolly Python

Indie Shops
Holy Cacao
Parts & Labour

Art/Craft Groups
Alamo City Etsy
Etsy Austin

Funky Finds (online)
Handmade Galleries (Los Angeles)
Purl Soho (Manhattan)
Urban Fauna Studio (San Francisco)

Earthernwood Studio
Green Girl Studios
Heather Wynn

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Below is a list of press I have received for Tefi Designs. To see a complete list of press for Etsy Dallas (I write all the press releases), make a clicky-click here!

Best of Texas - article and splash about my Juicy Fruit necklace donation

Advocate - article about a donation I made of my Juicy Fruit necklace
D Magazine - article about the 1st Annual Spring Bash, featuring my Big Balls necklace (below)

NBC DFW About Town - article about Etsy Dallas and the 1st Annual Spring Bash with a quote from me! (below)

Hello Dallas - article about Etsy Dallas and the 1st Annual Spring Bash

Quick! DFW - article about shopping localling featuring Etsy Dallas, including my Opah! bobbies (below)

Oak Cliff People - article featuring ME! (below)

Quick! DFW - article about Tefi Designs and Etsy Dallas (below) - Etsy admin chose Tefi's Dark Crystal bracelet to be featured on the front page of Etsy as part of a Storque article about a grant for Etsy Dallas, the grant request written by yours truly!

Etsy Profiles blog - Tefi Designs profiled!

Oak Cliff People - article featuring Larry Pile and Etsy Dallas -with a quote from yours truly! shopping blog - article featuring Tefi's Scotland Is for Me fabric ring

Funky Finds Blog - article about 2007 Deck the Halls show (Check out all the votes for Tefi Designs!)

Oak Cliff People - article about the 2007 OCA Studio Tour

Snapshots from an Undmade Bed blog - featuring one of Tefi's pottery shard necklaces
Click here to read what customers have said about Tefi Designs.


2nd Annual Jingle BashNovember 21st
Saturday, 1-7pm
Sons of Hermann Hall
3414 Elm Street, Dallas


Move Studio Trunk Show - June 20, 2009
Etsy DallasSpring Bash - May 16, 2009 Co-Organizer
Funky Finds Spring Fling - April 25, 2009
Etsy Dallas Jingle Bash - November 22, 2008 Co-Organizer
OCA 2008 Fall Show - November 15-16, 2008
Etsy Dallas Beer-B-Q - May 18, 2008 Lead Organizer
Urban Street Bazaar - May 10, 2008
Oak Cliff Earth Day Festival - April 20, 2008
Etsy Dallas Valentine's Day Show - February 9, 2008 Lead Organizer
Etsy Dallas Holiday Show - December 8, 2007 Lead Organizer
Deck the Halls - December 2, 2007
Urban Street Bazaar - December 1, 2007
OCA 2007 Fall Show - November 17-18, 2007
Urban Street Bazaar - May 5-6, 2007
OCA 2007 Studio Tour - April 21-22, 2007
RHS Vendor Fair - March 3-4, 2007
Urban Street Bazaar - December 9-10, 2006
St. Francis Vendor Fair - November, 2006

The Coffee Haus Downtown, 208 S. Mesquite St. in Arlington

Move Studio, Preston @ Campbell in North Dallas

2008 MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge - 75 swag bags featuring my Shaken, Not Stirred hairsticks
The Sampler - featured in May 2008
House of Dang - Bryan St. @ Haskell Ave., Dallas
The Soda Gallery - Bishop Arts District, Dallas
The Purple Tangerine - Arlington and Fort Worth
VIX Emporium - 5009 Baltimore Avenue, West Philadelphia
Shambhala Body Gallery - Bishop Arts District, Dallas
Fringeware - Austin, Texas

About Me, Tefi

I make things . I love stuff . My nickname is Tefi
Tefi Designs is a one-woman, Dallas-based jewelry design studio run by me, Stephanie Hindall. Formed in 1998 under the original name Velvet Frog Designs, Tefi Designs specializes in jewelry and accessories made with quality materials and craftsmanship. My favorite materials are: wool, sterling silver, gemstones, and fabric. Professionally, I work as a grant writer for a local non-profit serving homeless children, and am committed to serving the rescue efforts of local animal charities. Tefi Designs donates 10% of all net profits to local animal groups.

A graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, I received my BA in English and Italian in 1998 and Bilingual Educator Certification in 2002.

My Crafty Life
Along with designing, creating, and managing Tefi Designs, I founded (in 2007) and lead Etsy Dallas, the original Dallas craft collective. Each year, I organize the Spring Bash and Jingle Bash, two distinct top-notch art/craft events in Dallas. I'm a published print writer and enjoy writing for several blogs, including Tefi Designs, Life With Ian, and Etsy Dallas.

Setting up my displays at the 2009 Spring Fling in Fort Worth (hello-o-o pregnancy weight!)

My Life in Oak Cliff
I live and work in the vibrant Dallas community of Oak Cliff with hubby Jason, baby son Ian, and dog Oliver.

Oak Cliff, a tight-knit artsy community just across the Trinity from downtown Dallas, is where I call home. I am an advisor for La Reunion, a local artist residency program in Oak Cliff and I sit on the Board of the Oak Cliff Artisans. Also (whew!), I am an active member of the North Cliff Conservation District neighborhood association, and recently began volunteering for the Jefferson Median Beautification Project.

On January 17, 2009 I became a first-time mother to Ian Alejandro, my darling boy wonder.

My Dreams
One day I will walk the highlands of Scotland, pick vanilla beans in Madagascar, and convince everyone to spay and neuter their four-legged friends.

My Handmade Philosophy
Handmade crafts are a testament to the people and times of a culture.

When you buy handmade, you support your local artist community and your local economy - when you buy handmade, you buy American. You can be sure that the piece you bought was made with love by someone just like you - not made in a factory, assembled by robots.

While many artists and artisans price their items fairly, remember that they are offering you a piece of their talent - made by their hands. So the next time you get ready to buy a gift for a loved one or yourself, choose handmade: choose a gift from the hands and the heart.

George (d. July 7, 2009) hanging out in Tefi's studio