Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jingle Bash Recap, Part 1

Pam and me, soaking in all our hard work organizing the 2010 Jingle Bash

The 2010 Jingle Bash was so much fun and so, so much work. It's like I birthed another baby and he grew up in one night. Amazing!

I will be recapping in snippets since there is so much to share. First off, the Etsy Dallas photo booth was a ton of fun. Big thanks to my hubs, Jason Wright, for doing the photography, and friend, Eilene Walsh, for assisting. The two of them took some great shots and made a ton of money to be donated to The Smile Train in the name of the Jingle Bash.

And when I suggested we all get together for a group photo ala senior pic, I had no idea it would be this incredible:

2010 Jingle Bash Vendors + their favorite product

For some, the overriding theme of the night was, "IT'S TOO CROWDED." For them, this was a complaint. For me, it is the pinnacle in compliments. It means we did a phenomenal job getting people to come out and support local artists! Oh, and one other thing: It's the shopping season, people. Expect crowds.

Big thanks to everyone involved! More to come.