Friday, February 19, 2010

I Love Home

Each weekday evening at 5:30 I have the distinct honor of switching off my computer, pushing in my ergonomic desk chair, switching off the fluorescent office light and heading down the elevator to my car to meet Ian who always has a smile for me. After saying our good-byes to my mom, Ian and I head home. I love home. It's warm and smells like us. The floors are a little dirty and there are boxes of tiny baby clothes piling up in the front living room, waiting to be hauled away. The IKEA furniture is cheap and the vintage knick-knacks cute. Oliver keeps watch out the front window and barks at the squirrels, opposums and raccoons who live in our back yard. The porch light comes on at dusk and that's when Ian roams the halls, stuffing random items into my purse. We start dinner - something yummy and homemade for all - and tune into something on the TV. (Yes, we watch TV around our toddler, and without apologies.) Life is short and so are our evenings together. At 7 we eat; at 8 Ian gets a bath; at 8:30 I nurse him to sleep. By 10 I'm asleep snuggled next to him; Jason turns in a little later. I love home. Today I bought some incredibly adorable raku house beads (above) handcrafted by Mary of Jubilee. I found her in the latest issue of Stringing magazine where her house beads were featured. I cannot wait to get them and create something sweet and adorable for you. Check back soon to see what I made! (Also pictured: Chubby Little House #75 by Fishstikks)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tefi Hates: Houseflies

My house has become infested with giant houseflies. It's a regular Amityville horror at the Catherine Street abode. Jason and I have the blood of at least 50 flies on our hands from the last four days. These buggers are coming from the attic where, undoubtedly, something cute and furry died. It's gross, I know. So I'm looking toward the artsy and crafty to lighten my mood. *swat!* 1) Photograph by livingwithart, 2) Messenger bag by SlipstitchDesigns, 3) Letterpress notecards by PressaRussa, 4) Watercolor print by Sckraps, 5) Jeff Goldblum, the original fly, 6) Art tile by lulunjay And then of course there's this timeless classic.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Retail Blogs I Love

Anthro: In Our Own Words So not exactly a blog, Anthropologie offers fans and loyalists (hi there!) monthly blog-style email updates about what's brewing over at the mega-gorgeous women's clothing chain. Yesterday I received the February 2010 edition and was immediately blown away by the project they highlight: plastic bottles turned into beautiful flowers. They took it a step further and created beautiful clusters of these upcycled flowers in their shop windows. In case you can't tell, I'm gushing:
Fossil.Life.Style I was recently turned on to Fossil's newish blog after a big mega shopping spree at their employee shop, onsite at their headquarters right here in Big D. I love how they highlight designers (some known, some unknown, all fabulous), but their nod to The Who* is what won me over as a reader. My favorite entries so far on the Fossil blog are the DIY projects. Not that I have enough time to do anything in addition to mommyhood, real job, Tefi Designs, Etsy Dallas, and (whew!) the Handmade Bash. But, I love to see the possibilities of all the things I could be making if only my clone machine was working. *sigh* Free People: Bldg 15 I'm not a huge fan of Free People's clothing line - it's all a little too boho chic for me, but their blog is something else entirely. Sure, they often spend time blogging about their own goods, understandably so, but in between are great blog posts about local happenings, DIY projects and handmade news. Because I'm a little crazy about the ins and outs of merchandizing, my all time favorite posts are ones that give me a glimpse into their shop displays, like this one. Gorgeous! * For a good time, hang back and watch me rock out to "Pinball Wizard" on Rock Band!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tefi Loves: Groundhogs

Who knows whether Punxsutawney Phil will see his shadow or not? I can handle 6 more weeks of winter - Texas winter, that is. Here in Dallas it's brisk and sunny. I'll take it! In the meantime, enjoy this collection of groundhogs I found on Etsy: 1) feltidermy by girlsavage, 2) print by Amber Alexander, 3) mug by Rough and Perfect, 4) embroidery pattern by Sara Chung, 5) cabinet knobs by Peg and Awl, and 6) wood doll by mamaroots