Thursday, February 4, 2010

Retail Blogs I Love

Anthro: In Our Own Words So not exactly a blog, Anthropologie offers fans and loyalists (hi there!) monthly blog-style email updates about what's brewing over at the mega-gorgeous women's clothing chain. Yesterday I received the February 2010 edition and was immediately blown away by the project they highlight: plastic bottles turned into beautiful flowers. They took it a step further and created beautiful clusters of these upcycled flowers in their shop windows. In case you can't tell, I'm gushing:
Fossil.Life.Style I was recently turned on to Fossil's newish blog after a big mega shopping spree at their employee shop, onsite at their headquarters right here in Big D. I love how they highlight designers (some known, some unknown, all fabulous), but their nod to The Who* is what won me over as a reader. My favorite entries so far on the Fossil blog are the DIY projects. Not that I have enough time to do anything in addition to mommyhood, real job, Tefi Designs, Etsy Dallas, and (whew!) the Handmade Bash. But, I love to see the possibilities of all the things I could be making if only my clone machine was working. *sigh* Free People: Bldg 15 I'm not a huge fan of Free People's clothing line - it's all a little too boho chic for me, but their blog is something else entirely. Sure, they often spend time blogging about their own goods, understandably so, but in between are great blog posts about local happenings, DIY projects and handmade news. Because I'm a little crazy about the ins and outs of merchandizing, my all time favorite posts are ones that give me a glimpse into their shop displays, like this one. Gorgeous! * For a good time, hang back and watch me rock out to "Pinball Wizard" on Rock Band!

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Carrie said...

Have you checked out Keith Johnson's
(of Anthro home goods) TV show on Sundance? It's awesome...