Friday, February 19, 2010

I Love Home

Each weekday evening at 5:30 I have the distinct honor of switching off my computer, pushing in my ergonomic desk chair, switching off the fluorescent office light and heading down the elevator to my car to meet Ian who always has a smile for me. After saying our good-byes to my mom, Ian and I head home. I love home. It's warm and smells like us. The floors are a little dirty and there are boxes of tiny baby clothes piling up in the front living room, waiting to be hauled away. The IKEA furniture is cheap and the vintage knick-knacks cute. Oliver keeps watch out the front window and barks at the squirrels, opposums and raccoons who live in our back yard. The porch light comes on at dusk and that's when Ian roams the halls, stuffing random items into my purse. We start dinner - something yummy and homemade for all - and tune into something on the TV. (Yes, we watch TV around our toddler, and without apologies.) Life is short and so are our evenings together. At 7 we eat; at 8 Ian gets a bath; at 8:30 I nurse him to sleep. By 10 I'm asleep snuggled next to him; Jason turns in a little later. I love home. Today I bought some incredibly adorable raku house beads (above) handcrafted by Mary of Jubilee. I found her in the latest issue of Stringing magazine where her house beads were featured. I cannot wait to get them and create something sweet and adorable for you. Check back soon to see what I made! (Also pictured: Chubby Little House #75 by Fishstikks)

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FishStikks said...

What a lovely blog you have here and those adorable little raku house beads look like they are going to be a lot of fun for you.

Thanks so much for featuring my little house in your lovely "home" post.