Friday, November 30, 2007

Trigger Happy

Earlier this week I was stressing about finding just the right display for a slew of earrings I made for this weekend's couplet of craft shows. I made earring with gemstones, pearls, lampwork glass, and millefiori glass. So many to display! And since necessity is the mother of invention (I love you, Frank Zappa), I came up with this display in a flurry of "Eureka!" moments:

This first board fits tons of earrings on the ribbons and up to 23 necklaces on the nails at the bottom. I used a damask fabric, ribbon, birch fiber board, a staple gun, a glue gun, nails, and buttons. On display are pieces from my own collection that are sadly, not for sale.

This next board is an old one I made awhile back, and this time I added some ribbon and buttons to match the theme of the new board.

And here is a sneak peek of some of the new fabric button designs you'll be able to shop for this weekend at the Urban Street Bazaar and Deck the Halls. And don't forget to exclaim "Tefi Loves Me!" when you stop by my booth to receive 10% your total purchase.

Charlie the Coyote

I have a new favorite blog. It has nothing to do with arts or crafts or do-it-yourself anything. It's about my first love - animals - and a favorite pastime of mine that I wish everyone did: rescuing hurt, homeless, or helpless animals. This blog is simply beautiful. Click here to go to the Daily Coyote. And if you fall as in love with Charlie and Eli as I did, you can buy the calendar here.

Cuteness Overload

In preparation for this, I've been a mad woman in the studio, making jewelry and accessories. But in between stringing pearls and hot gluing bobbies, I took a break to snap some pics of the cutest little creatures this side of the Trinity:

George likes to jump up on my work table while I'm mid-project. He plops right down on whatever's most inconvenient and gets to purring.

Oliver has a way of inserting himself into the covers when J and I change the bedclothes. This time he found his way through our Colombian ruana (like a poncho with a hole for your head), and popped his head out like a whack-a-mole. He stayed that way for over 2 hours.

These pics have not been photoshopped, which is why the flash and color quality is so poor. But the cuteness shines through, n'est pas?

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


The countdown is on! The craft world's longest weekend is about to commence, and I'm just about ready. Got my new necklace displays today, made a new earring/necklace display board last night, got my signs printed and ready, made enough product to accessorize half of that all? Oh yeah, and I need to sleep. But I can do that later. Listening to Beth Orton's "Concrete Sky" right now, and it's calming my nerves in a mellow, floaty way. In case you're scratching your head wondering why I'm so crazed and loony, here's what I'm preparing for. (It's going to be so much fun - and work, but I'm wierd in that I love to work. Go figure.):

Saturday, December 1st from 11am-10pm
@ Dallas Market Hall off I-35 in Dallas' design district
Click here for a map.

Sunday, December 2nd from 12noon-7pm
@ the historic Sons of Hermann Hall in Deep Ellum
Click here for a map.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Toast to Glasgow (A Nod to Dallas)

My mailbox has been full lately, but not so full or exciting as it was this morning when I recieved my new Belle & Sebastian 2008 wall calendar. Next to my New York Times Sunday crossword weekly agenda, it's the best darn calendar ever. It features photographs taken around Glasgow of band members' favorite spots and haunts. It's extra large and took less than a week to get here. And all the way from across the pond, no less. (You can get one here.) Altho Jason and I cancelled our trip to Scotland to buy our house, I still lament not going. But in time...

So. I got to thinking about my own town and what would be 12 favorite Dallas spots of mine. Here they are:

1. climbing the large oak tree at Tietze Park
2. spinning 'round at Reunion Tower
3. Bishop Arts in Oak Cliff
4. a stroll down Swiss Avenue
5. the Dallas Museum of Art
6. drinks at Lee Harvey's
7. shopping at Northpark (a Dallas pastime)
8. karaoke at Barbara's Pavillion
9. the Inwood Theater
10. visiting the animals at Operation Kindness
11. playing the organ in the chapel at First Pres
12. roller skating around Fair Park

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Gearing Up for the Big Show

Tefi's getting ready for the upcoming Urban Street Bazaar - a full day of crafts, music, runway show, food, and cocktails. (Pinch me; am I in heaven?) I plan to unveil a lot of new jewelry and hair accessories - or "hair jewelry" if you will - and offer up all sorts of deals such as:

Luscious Gemstone Strands: $28 each or 2 for $50 - These necklaces are simple strands of stones such as amazonite, rose quartz, jasper, and turquoise, accented with ornate clasps and silver spacers. So simple and chic!

Classy Pearl Strands: $28 each or 2 for $50 - Like the gemstone strands, these simple necklaces feature freshwater pearls of all shapes and sizes in colors such as emerald, plum, evergreen, peach, cranberry, and classic white.

Vintage Button Hair Bobbies: $2.50-$5.50 - I raided Grandma's button collection to make these stylish bobby pins with vintage buttons in all shapes and sizes made of leather, brass, fabric, and lucite. Mix and match and dress up those tresses to create a vintage look!

And here's the best part of the deal, when you stop by my both, tell me "Tefi Loves Me" to receive 10% off your total purchase! Wow, Tefi does love you. A lot. And if you bring be a coffee - cream, no sugar - I'll give ya a free pair of earrings! (C'mon you guys, it's an all-day event...)

The craftacular event happens Saturday, December 1 from 11am-10pm at Market Hall. Get your tickets for $5 online here or $8 at the door. (And even tho Tefi's name doesn't appear on the flyer, rest assured that Tefi is a Featured Designer. Yippee!!)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Mami's First Show!

It's 1 am and I'm up like a lark, flitting about my room, my studio, watching bad movies one after the other. Had a great day 1 of my OCA show and am really looking forward to more fun tomorrow. Haven't done a show since June and forgot how much I missed it. Meeting with customers, displaying my items, talking with kids, I love it!

But this blog isn't supposed to be about me darnit! I am just brimming with pride over some photos that my mom emailed me earlier this evening. She had her first art show today selling beautiful handmade scarves, some knit by her and some by my aunt, Yoli. Just look at how great she and their pieces look! Ah, it's like mom's first day at Kindergarten...*wink*

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Six Feet Under

I'm illin', really illin'. Although I'm not running a fever, imagine everything else that can make you feel like doody and I've got it.

Staying home today. It's after 1pm and I just recently woke up. Managed to eat a bowl of cereal (hurts to swallow) and check the mail. In the pile of magazines and catalogues, I came across my new Netflix DVD. Yay! I'm catching up on Six Feet Under and now I've got 4 more episodes to watch while I lay in bed and moan and groan. (And no, the irony is not lost on me.)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Annie, Get Your Gluegun

I'm madly making fabric buttons and gluing them willy nilly to bobby pins, paper clips, pony tail bands, magnets, and thumbtacks. Just look at the madness below! Tomorrow my mom is going to help me package them nice and pretty for my upcoming OCA show. She's also got a show - a first for her! - at her Nia studio (that's some sort of yoga/tai chi/aerobics workout program) this Saturday and I'm helping her out by making tags for her scarves and business cards for her customers. Tit for tat, and all that.

And check out these great Xmas tree ornaments I made this past weekend while laying around in bed recovering from 2 birthday parties. I used felt, embroidery, sequins, polyfill stuffing, and ribbon. I will make more and debut them for sale at my upcoming Urban Street Bazaar. Yippee!

After taking these shots of my crazy studio, I swivelled around and took these shots of this grand dress and sweater I bought the other day at - where else? - Anthropologie. Now invite me over for an Xmas party already so I can wear it! (I promise to leave the legwarmers at home.)

Then I mosied over to the sunroom and look who I found dying for a T-R-E-A-T. (I think Oliver's learning to spell...)

A Legwarmin' Birthday

Wow, this past weekend was abuzz with birthday celebrations and legwarmers. When Jen told me it was going to be an "80's Legwarmers" theme, she asked me if I had any. Ahem, I had to clear my throat. I have not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR pairs of legwarmers. And all but one pair is from my stylin' childhood. Since the elastic is all but shot in the older legwarmers, I chose to show off this crocheted pair I got at Urban Outfitters. In the pic: me in front, Rachel, Kristi, Maggie, Meaghan, Jen, Brent. (And dig my neon pink & black socks with silver heels!)

Yay! I managed to find a close-up Halloween shot of me in my handmade flapper headband. Too bad you can't see the cool beaded fringe I added to my vintage-style dress. In this shot, I'm trying to eat Super Roadie's beard (a.k.a. Chris) while Jen (Team America) strikes one of her famous poses:

Friday, November 9, 2007

Tay Inna Win

Took a nice stroll yesterday afternoon. Escaped my flourescent-lit office with its recycled air and glaring computer screen. Leaves were everywhere and there was such a nice breeze. It staved off my ever-increasing Seasonal Depression, if only for a moment.

Made me think of this great necklace I made for Shambhala. I think they still have it hanging on display in their window. Go check it out! Sadly, I can't locate the photo I took of it, but here's what the genuine maple leaf pendant looks like:

I also created this cool mosaic with some of my current Fall Designs. Lots of leaves and autumn colors. So very tay inna win, doncha think?

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Hair Goodies - TefiCrafts!

You know that scene in the opening song for Pee Wee's Playhouse where he sings, "It's time to let down your hair," and a crazy wig comes down from the ceiling into view? Well, I'm asking you to do the opposite - put those precious tresses up! And do it in style.

Introducing Tefi's latest venture - hair clips, bobby pins, and pony tail holders handmade with fabric-covered buttons. I made these using scraps and remnants of fabric that I have accumulated over the years. There are a ton of these goodies in my studio just dying to be photographed, but here's a little sneak peak of a few that I managed to shoot and list on my etsy shop last night:

Don't wait to get yours today! They are already selling like hotcakes and will make the PERFECT stocking stuffer for ladies of all ages. Enjoy!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Love Vigilantes

There are two things that can have such an amazing power over me, that shoot me back years and years to my childhood or adolescence. Those two things are: smell and music.

This morning I read this article about Control, the new indie movie about Ian Curtis and Joy Division. JD had such a pull on me when I was about 14+. I remember listening to Club A broadcasts on 94.5 The Edge or watching 120 Minutes (with Dave Kendall!) on MTV and subsequently taping songs and videos that I loved. Back in the day I didn't really have the means to buy every cassette single I wanted, so I relied on the record button.

Anyway, one Sunday night I was watching 120 Minutes on the sly. It was about 12 am and I just had this gut feeling that I was finally going to see the video to "Love Will Tear Us Apart." (Forget buying the pirated video compilation at Bill's for some undisclosed amount.) Just as I was coming back from the kitchen with a glass of water, I heard the opening chords and rushed to the VCR to hit the record button. My prediction was right and had I not been so completely enthralled with the song I would have been really creeped out. I still have that tape.

[A little primer on Joy Division: They formed in Manchester, England the year after I was born, 1976. Ian Curtis suffered from epilepsy and depression, and eventually committed suicide. He left behind a wife, child, mistress, and 3 bandmates who later went on to form New Order. When I was 17 I met New Order and partied with them (in a legal way) at what is now Babalu on McKinney. Peter Hook and I were on the dancefloor and he did some crazy move that nearly dislocated my shoulder. It's totally irrelevant to this blog and totally an awesome memory.]

Control is playing at The Magnolia and I'm going to go see it maybe this Sunday. If not this weekend, then sometime during next week. It was directed by photographer Anton Corbijn and stars the uber cute Sam Riley and the classy Samantha Morton. Get your dose of indie; don't miss it!