Friday, November 2, 2007

Love Vigilantes

There are two things that can have such an amazing power over me, that shoot me back years and years to my childhood or adolescence. Those two things are: smell and music.

This morning I read this article about Control, the new indie movie about Ian Curtis and Joy Division. JD had such a pull on me when I was about 14+. I remember listening to Club A broadcasts on 94.5 The Edge or watching 120 Minutes (with Dave Kendall!) on MTV and subsequently taping songs and videos that I loved. Back in the day I didn't really have the means to buy every cassette single I wanted, so I relied on the record button.

Anyway, one Sunday night I was watching 120 Minutes on the sly. It was about 12 am and I just had this gut feeling that I was finally going to see the video to "Love Will Tear Us Apart." (Forget buying the pirated video compilation at Bill's for some undisclosed amount.) Just as I was coming back from the kitchen with a glass of water, I heard the opening chords and rushed to the VCR to hit the record button. My prediction was right and had I not been so completely enthralled with the song I would have been really creeped out. I still have that tape.

[A little primer on Joy Division: They formed in Manchester, England the year after I was born, 1976. Ian Curtis suffered from epilepsy and depression, and eventually committed suicide. He left behind a wife, child, mistress, and 3 bandmates who later went on to form New Order. When I was 17 I met New Order and partied with them (in a legal way) at what is now Babalu on McKinney. Peter Hook and I were on the dancefloor and he did some crazy move that nearly dislocated my shoulder. It's totally irrelevant to this blog and totally an awesome memory.]

Control is playing at The Magnolia and I'm going to go see it maybe this Sunday. If not this weekend, then sometime during next week. It was directed by photographer Anton Corbijn and stars the uber cute Sam Riley and the classy Samantha Morton. Get your dose of indie; don't miss it!

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