Thursday, April 22, 2010

This is what crazy looks like.

Preparing for a huge art/craft event can make a gal go a little cuckoo. As we (me, Pam, Cheyne, Larry, Carrie, et al) prepare for our 7th big show, the following keeps us centered on a somewhat even keel. See you at the Bash!

Pam did this.

I did this.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Playing In the Backyard

Earth Day is coming up next week, but really isn't every day "earth" day? I mean, yeah, sometimes I feel I'm living on Mars but still. Jason and I try to practice what we preach: we recycle, compost, use canvas shoppers, throw our coffee grounds in the garden, shop locally, grow some veggies, catch rainwater, plant trees, and eat at home as often as possible. In the future, I want chickens! One simple thing we do to celebrate the earth and all that is spend time outside. That's it! Ian, Jason, Oliver and I have a grand time hanging out in the backyard, enjoying nature, playing with rocks and water, talking to the flowers, and yelling at the birds (all Ian). I sometimes make my jewelry out there or work on a crossword puzzle, all the while with an endless cup of coffee (naturally). Jason works in his veggie garden, tending to the blackberries, tomatoes, grapes, cabbage, peppers, and broccoli. Sometimes, I even scoop poop. So you - yeah you! Go outside and play. And if you're in the Dallas area, come on out to the 3rd Annual Oak Cliff Earth Day festival at Lake Cliff park. I'll be selling my handmade jewelry alongside friends Jacky of Texas Tarts and Larry the Kessler Craftsman. Lots of family fun things to do: buy plants, learn to compost, support local green businesses, eat yummy food, adopt a homeless pet, shop local art, and enjoy the spring season. Stop by the Jefferson Median Beautification Project booth, as well. This is a group that I volunteer for and believe in. Our goal is to beautify our little corner of Oak Cliff along Jefferson Boulevard and create a rich urban forest of plants, trees, community art, and walking trails.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy 20th Twin Peaks (love you after all these years)

Like the commentator on this Fresh Air broadcast and this article, my heart skips a beat every time I hear the opening theme song to Twin Peaks, scored by Angelo Badalamenti. In fact, all of the songs on the soundtrack send shivers down my spine, even still, 20 years later. I love you, Twin Peaks. Warm fuzzies always and forever. 1) Log ceramic sculpture by pfleghaar, 2) Sparrow fine art print by urbandesign, 3) Agent Dale Cooper doll by Purrr, 4) The owls are not what they seem. necklace by tefi, 5) Red curtains by DNDYDesign, 6) Dresser drawer knobs by LeilasLoft, 7) Organic fair trade coffee by downtownroasters, 8) Saturday Morning Stroll painting by StudiZen 9) Smell those trees cross stitch by thegreatnorthern, 10) Canyon Waterfall photograph by TheDapperLlama, 11) Vintage percolator by MostlyMadelines, 12) Cherry Pie ACEO by tamaragarvey

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jewelry Spotlight: Cross My Heart

Hand sewn yo-yo's using designer and vintage fabric make up this statement piece. Each of Tefi's yo-yo necklaces is one of a kind. Lots more available in person at the upcoming Spring Bash in Dallas on May 1st and Renegade Craft Fair in Austin on May 15+16. Price: $32 Materials: fabric, chain, lobster clasp Size: approx 15-7"L, adjustable One-of-a-Kind Available in my Etsy shop

Thursday, April 1, 2010