Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How Juicy Is Your Fruit?

Years ago I designed my first signature piece, the Juicy Fruit (pictured left). Since then, I've sold countless Juicy Fruits and hear compliments on the design everywhere I go. In five years the price has not changed from an affordable $28! These necklaces are made with top-quality pressed glass and silver leaves, and I have earrings available in several different styles. Thinking of purchasing a Juicy Fruit and other necklace(s) from my Etsy shop? Do! They'll come shipped to you in a free gift box! Last month I decided to create some monotone Juicy Fruits for those who prefer one splash of color instead of nine. So far, I've made Blue Raspberry, Pomegranate and Kiwi (pictured below). Coming up soon: Honey, Blueberry, Grape and Pink Grapefruit. Hello yummy!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tefi Loves: Pods

I love the perfect compactness of a little seed pod - nature's little neat-and-tidy. Their promise of life makes for an inspiring design element, including my very own original Peapod necklace design, pictured in the final box below. Enjoy these pods I found on Etsy! 1) print on fabric by redbean, 2) handbag by Cut Out and Collect, 3) earrings by Marcus Berkner Jewelry, 4) pod garden art by dkruegerbotanicart, 5) felt peapods by SnapStreet, 6) poppy pods photograph by honeytree, 7) maple seed pod bib by , 8) seeds watercolor painting by GollyBard, 9) peapod pendant necklace by Tefi Designs My Peapods make the perfect gift for a mother, mother-to-be, sister, grandmother, wife, or special secret lady friend. I make them to order based on your specifications (2 peas, 3 peas, large, small, dark green, white pearls...you get the idea). Order one today!

Monday, January 11, 2010

New Designs in my Etsy Shop

Get to it! Lots of new designs in my Etsy shop to go right along with your new 2010 New Year's resolution: Buy More Tefi Stuff.
Pictured clockwise: 1) Cheyne pottery shard - $42 2) The owls are not what they seem. - $36 3) Pamela pottery shard - $32 4) Mod Drops - $24 5) Bouquet - $28 6) Chandelier - $24 7) Little Miss Dragonfly - $32 8) Stunning - $42 9) Rubik's Cube - $25 10 ) Meeting your Tefi resolution - PRICELESS

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Holy Scrap!

I came home yesterday evening to find this on my doorstep: I noticed that it had a cute ribbon and note written on a chunk of wood, so I knew it wasn't trash or junky spammy stuff. What I never expected was to open it and find this: I nearly had a fabric scrap stroke! Big thanks to my gal (and across-the-street neighbor) Laura of laura davis design lab for giving me these amazing scraps. I am particularly in love with the houndstooth and ticking. Laura is a furniture designer who makes the sweetest aprons and embroidered pillows. Another couple of massive shout outs are in order. First to my close friend Cheyne of Cut Out and Collect, who is not only a daily force of friendship, but who continuously gives me her sweet fabric scraps. Cheyne is a designer and seamstress who makes high quality bags and purses out of super secret special fabric (wink wink). She also runs the Coffee Haus in Arlington where I sell some Tefi goods, as well as Downtown Roasters, a new Etsy shop selling delish roasted coffee beans.
Pictured: zip pouch by Cut Out and Collect, pillow by laura davis design lab, bloomers by Three Yellow Starfish
Secondly, to my gal Margaret of Three Yellow Starfish who - out of nowhere - handed me a huge bag of large fabric scraps. Most of the pieces are hardly scraps at all, but large cuts of fabric that I can definitely put to good use. Margaret is a mom and children's clothing designer who is sending my Ian some rocket robot pants on the house! Margaret is seriously kind and giving. In return, I'm sending her a thank you surprise. So far, I've used these scraps for making brooches and necklaces. Future fabric plans include coffee cozies, banners and buntings. Stay tuned!