Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tefi Loves: Pods

I love the perfect compactness of a little seed pod - nature's little neat-and-tidy. Their promise of life makes for an inspiring design element, including my very own original Peapod necklace design, pictured in the final box below. Enjoy these pods I found on Etsy! 1) print on fabric by redbean, 2) handbag by Cut Out and Collect, 3) earrings by Marcus Berkner Jewelry, 4) pod garden art by dkruegerbotanicart, 5) felt peapods by SnapStreet, 6) poppy pods photograph by honeytree, 7) maple seed pod bib by , 8) seeds watercolor painting by GollyBard, 9) peapod pendant necklace by Tefi Designs My Peapods make the perfect gift for a mother, mother-to-be, sister, grandmother, wife, or special secret lady friend. I make them to order based on your specifications (2 peas, 3 peas, large, small, dark green, white get the idea). Order one today!

1 comment:

holly aka golly said...

What a beautiful collection! Thank s for including my painting! Such a treat!