Friday, July 31, 2009

The Gentle Giant Falls

America has lost its mind. I speak of the highly important current event known as So You Think You Can Dance. Don't get me started on why the cute-but-miniature Evan is still in the running. But why oh why did Ade get voted off? It's complete insanity. He is one of the best dancers the show has ever had in its 5-year history. He's phenomenal, he's funny, and he wears a pick in his hair. He's sort of like a Nubian god. I mean, just look at him fly: One of my childhood fantasies (other than wanting to be Olivia Newton John) was to be a dancer...a Solid Gold dancer. I even put my fantasy to paper back in 4th grade (circa 1984): Needless to say, SYTYCD is the best contestant show ever, and now its best dancer is out of the race. Like I said, America has seriously lost its mind.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Indie Parade

We crafty types have to stick together. I mean, c'mon we aren't Van Gogh. We don't work in a vacuum. So big fat thanks to my gal Pamela Michelle who submitted my Fire Walk with Me gemstone necklace to Indie Parade. You'll find my piece showcased alongside her Nature Abstract wooden necklace, Dowdy Studio's Viking tee, and Cut Out and Collect's Bamboo Leaf zip pouch. All of us will be selling our handmade goodies at the 2nd Annual Jingle Bash this November 21st at the Sons of Hermann Hall. Find something for everyone on your holiday list at this, the "Best show in Dallas, ever." (We heard customers say this over and over at the last Bash.) You can also apply to be a vendor or sponsor today!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Newness

It's all coming together. Over the years I've relished designing jewelry with beads as the main medium. But so many dang people do it and I've always been in search of that design or medium that would set my creativity apart from the hundreds and hundreds of beaders. Lately, I have finally found my groove using fabric and felt as the main medium in some of my more recent designs. I have yet to complete a lot of the pieces, but soon enough I will have some photographed and listed in my Etsy shop. Like this one!
Blue Balls felted necklace: $28
So what does this mean for you? Well first off, many of my beaded designs are on Super Duper Mega Sale because I am trying to make room for my new pieces. So take advantage already! It also means that I will be unveiling in person my new line of fabric and felt pieces at the 2nd Annual Jingle Bash on November 21. I will also have a new display concept. At this point, the only sneak peek I'm going to give you is:
Woodgrain Fabric
Stay tuned and mark those calendars for the 2nd Annual Jingle Bash! I'm working my patooty off to see that this show is even more of a hit than last year's, but I can't do it if you don't show up. You'll be able to shop from over 50 handpicked local artists, designers and crafters. Make this the year you buy all handmade holiday gifts!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What are you waiting for?

Pam and I are working furiously to get the 2nd Annual Jingle Bash off the ground. It is our goal to make it bigger and better than last year's, and we've got some great help from the Etsy Dallas Leadership Team. We are all dedicated to the success of this show! As I plow through the applications, I can't help but marvel at what a great opportunity the Bash affords crafters, artists and designers who make quality handmade items. If I'm talking about you, then make a little clicky on Pam's sweet image below!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tefi Loves: Motley Mutton

While I enjoy making jewelry and crafts using several mediums, nothing is as fun or rewarding as needlefelting. I not only enjoy making my Balls, I also love to see what other, more experienced needlefelters create. Today, thanks to the Etsy front page, I have the cutest, most adorable family of needlefelted critters. Ever. Seriously, look at these and tell me they don't make you smile: Nancy Bevin is the woman behind Motley Mutton, a sweet collection of needlefelted animal sculptures made from wool raised on her West Virginia farm. So charming! Shop: Web Site: Location: West Virginia

Friday, July 24, 2009

Yo-Yo Frenzy

My compulsive behavior has found a new best friend: the Clover yo-yo maker. Hey, no shame in using a crafty shortcut. So I'm making a slew of yo-yo accessories including hair clips, brooches, and 50 FREE promos for the 2nd Annual Jingle Bash goody bags. These bags are going to be swanky-awesome, chock full of free local handmade goodies! Here's a sneak peek into my new projects. This photo isn't the best quality because I'm working on these at work (on my lunch break!) and used my cell phone: [Pssst. We are still accepting applications for the Bash!]

Thursday, July 23, 2009

2008 Jingle Bash, Revisited

The 2009 Jingle Bash is underway! I've been foelding applications, working on sponsorships, and will be looking into a national ad campaign in the next few days. All of this unpaid labor-of-love work got me to reminiscing about last year's Jingle Bash when I was weeks away from giving birth to Ian. I went back and looked at the photos, and here are my favorite picks:
A preggo Carrie of One-Up Designs, my mom of Knit Sisters, and a preggo Tefi

Me and Pam of Pamela Michelle checking in vendors

There go my mom again with her adorable Anthro sweater and handknit scarves

The fabulous Mandi of MandiBeads and our popular free Goody Bags

The crowd cannot wait to get in! The line was down the hall, out the door, and winded down the street. Holy cow!
Apply today to be a vendor at the 2nd Annual Jingle Bash this November 21st at the historic Sons of Hermann Hall. If sponsorship if more your bag, click here to read more about how you can take advantage of the hugely successful Jingle Bash to promote your business! Or maybe you just like to shop? (C'mon, we all know the answer to that.) Come on down to the Bash and get meaningful, locally-made gifts for everyone on your holiday list - including you! Visit Etsy Dallas for more info and mark those calendars.

Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm going to be one of those parents.

Seriously. How cute is my kid? Happy six months, Ian!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tefi Loves: Candie Cooper

Also known as the Savvy Crafter, Candie Cooper is my new crafty hero. No joke! Looking at her blog photos and reading about her life makes me take a deep breath and sigh, "Ahhhh...." To quote her, "I never met a craft material I didn't like." I hear that. (Sidebar: I am knee-deep in a yo-yo making frenzy, thanks to Clover. And doubly thanks to their web site, which led me to Candie's. More on my yo-yo craze later....) Candie crafts, she goes to fiber festivals, she loves Mod Podge (my, who doesn't?), she bakes, she loves felt (me too! omg), she's published. Sigh, indeed. My favorite project of hers (so far) is beaded beads (above). You heard me right. She even has a tutorial for them with a clear and fair warning that these suckers can be addicting. Believe it! Find this and other tutorials at her old blog The Candie Cast. Web site: Blog: Location: Wabash, Indiana Books: Felted Jewelry (have it! love it!) and Designer Needle Felting (holy cow! must have! somebody buy this for me!)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tefi Loves: Bastille Day

I've got a thing for revolutions, claiming your space, overthrowing aristocracies and eating cake. Viva La Revolution!

Les Miserables diaper cover $28 I totally want to see Ian in this!
Shop: Location: Toronto, Canada

Shop: Location: Portland, Oregon

Shop: Location: Denver, Colorado

Shop: Location: Granada, Spain

Shop: Location: Toronto, Canada

Shop: Location: Southern California

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cool, Cool Blue Treasury

Thanks go to my pal Alicia Colina-Ashby for featuring my Here We Go 'round the Bramble Bush necklace in her latest Etsy treasury made up of beautiful cool blues. The treasury also features 11 other fellow Etsy Dallasites. Hurry up and check it out; it expires in a few hours. Happy summer!

Friday, July 10, 2009

A Team-Treasured Tefi

Thanks to my fellow Etsy Dallasites for including my items in a recent team treasury* blitzkreig. I blame Pam!
Go Green by Erin of emaille

Features my Romancing the Stones necklace

Zoo by Patricia of Karmacrochet

Features my Doe a Deer necklace

Stay Cool by Pam/Dylan of Dowdy Studio

Features my Romancing the Stones necklace
* Treasuries are user-curated selections of their favorite picks, oftentimes based on a theme. They expire in a couple days and sometimes make it to the front page of!

Tefi Loves: Heathers

If you've seen Heathers as many times as I have, you're gonna love these handmade items I found on Etsy!
Big Red Bow $6 Shop: Location: Odessa, Missouri

Glitter Croquet Set $85 Shop: Location: Montreal, Canada

Moby Dick Sculpture $118 Shop: Location: Connecticut

Chainsaw Necklace $55 Shop: Location: Huntington Beach, California

Corn Nuts Coin Purse $10 Shop: Location: Vancouver

Eskimo Moe $15 Shop: Location: Scarborough, U.K.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tefi Loves: the Netherlands

To look at me you'd never think, "Oh, that girl's dutch." But it's true! Ancestrally anyway. So here's to my fellow Netherlandians. I found these too-cute handmade items on Etsy searching the term dutch:
Venlo Cafe Tote $35 Shop: Location: Albany, CA

Dutch Clog soap $4.50 Shop: Location: Los Angeles, CA

Folkloric girl's skirt $36 Shop: Location: Venlo, The Netherlands

Dutch themed calendar $20 Shop: Location: Vancouver, BC Canada

Tiny Windmill necklace $19 Shop: Location: Hagerstown, Maryland

Tulips cloth napkins $20 Shop: Location: Philadelphia, PA

Friday, July 3, 2009

A Good Hair Day (unbelieveable, really)

I just listed some new gemstone necklaces in my shop. I whipped three pieces up last night after Ian went to sleep. Then, I photographed them this morning, and now they are ready for you to purchase! Pictured is Kiss Me, Kate made with cherry quartz. (Notice the super hot model...) I cannot believe I caught my Good Hair Day on film. Anyway. Also available is Fire Walk with Me made with fiery red agate and Romancing the Stones made with emerald-hued ruby ziosite. These are one-of-a-kind, so if you like 'em, you best purchase them pronto!

A Day at the Dallas Farmer's Market

Today Jason and I had the day off in honor of July 4th, so we loaded Ian into the car and headed to Dallas' convenient and abundant Farmer's Market in downtown. This place never disappoints. We had lunch first at El Mercado (read my Yelp review) then walked the produce pavillion. What a beautiful sight!

Hey hey! Check out my beautiful custom-made "I heart Ian" pendant by Pamela Michelle. Click the photo to enlarge.

Know your onions!

TThere's my bargainin' man!
In the spririt of community and independence, we love soupporting local businesses and farmers. And altho it was sweltering, Ian held out long enough for a trip to Starbucks (the indie cafe was closed), where I happily nursed him, then a stop at Splendor, a cute little bead shop in Lakewood. Happy 4th everyone! Here's to supporting the community!

Tefi Loves: Independence

Two hundred thirty three years ago we kicked the Redcoats' hineys (thank you, France)! While our country's history is a bit, uh, spotty at times, I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Here's to us, America.
American Girls wooden dolls $25 Shop: Location: Wisconsin

Willie Nelson painting $100 Shop: Location: San Francisco, California

Primitive Bird House $89 Shop: Location: foothills of the Ozarks

Frannie folk art cloth doll $25 Shop:

Location: Sedona, Arizona

Continental Soldier figurine $97 Shop: Location: St. Charles, Illinois

Barack Obama art print $20 Shop: Location: America