Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tefi Loves: the Netherlands

To look at me you'd never think, "Oh, that girl's dutch." But it's true! Ancestrally anyway. So here's to my fellow Netherlandians. I found these too-cute handmade items on Etsy searching the term dutch:
Venlo Cafe Tote $35 Shop: http://www.majkatree.etsy.com/ Location: Albany, CA

Dutch Clog soap $4.50 Shop: http://www.dugshop.etsy.com/ Location: Los Angeles, CA

Folkloric girl's skirt $36 Shop: http://www.koosi.etsy.com/ Location: Venlo, The Netherlands

Dutch themed calendar $20 Shop: http://www.thebeautifulproject.etsy.com/ Location: Vancouver, BC Canada

Tiny Windmill necklace $19 Shop: http://www.proteales.etsy.com/ Location: Hagerstown, Maryland

Tulips cloth napkins $20 Shop: http://www.juliepeach.etsy.com/ Location: Philadelphia, PA


twostraycats said...

What a fun collection :)

Three Yellow Starfish said...

SO CUTE!! I absolutley love this collection and style, I am from Poland (so we're kind of like neighbors!) and this is just the kind of stuff i live for! lol!

julie said...

cute!! thanks for including my little napkins.