Friday, July 31, 2009

The Gentle Giant Falls

America has lost its mind. I speak of the highly important current event known as So You Think You Can Dance. Don't get me started on why the cute-but-miniature Evan is still in the running. But why oh why did Ade get voted off? It's complete insanity. He is one of the best dancers the show has ever had in its 5-year history. He's phenomenal, he's funny, and he wears a pick in his hair. He's sort of like a Nubian god. I mean, just look at him fly: One of my childhood fantasies (other than wanting to be Olivia Newton John) was to be a dancer...a Solid Gold dancer. I even put my fantasy to paper back in 4th grade (circa 1984): Needless to say, SYTYCD is the best contestant show ever, and now its best dancer is out of the race. Like I said, America has seriously lost its mind.

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pamela michelle said...


i am actually impressed by the flying guy. dang!