Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tefi Loves: Bastille Day

I've got a thing for revolutions, claiming your space, overthrowing aristocracies and eating cake. Viva La Revolution!

Les Miserables diaper cover $28 I totally want to see Ian in this!
Shop: http://www.liliesovalley.etsy.com/ Location: Toronto, Canada

Shop: http://www.cateanevski.etsy.com/ Location: Portland, Oregon

Shop: http://www.lkfarnsworth.etsy.com/ Location: Denver, Colorado

Shop: http://www.spanishangels.etsy.com/ Location: Granada, Spain

Shop: http://www.cocoachuchu.etsy.com/ Location: Toronto, Canada

Shop: http://www.breeleed.etsy.com/ Location: Southern California

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