Wednesday, July 12, 2006


"I really love your jewelry! Really fun stuff - thanks so much!"
Sarah P., Chicago, IL
purchased Love Birds, Shanghai, Pandora, and Fishdance necklaces (repeat customer)

"Tonight I wore the necklace and everybody was in awe. So I thank you again and please tell Tefi that they complimented her work all the way in Michigan."
Olivera J., somewhere in Michigan
recieved the Kirsten pottery shard necklace as a gift

Tefi made it into the blog, Snapshots From an Unmade Bed. Check it out!
purchased the Diana pottery shard necklace and matching earrings

"Just wanted to let you know that the Juicy Fruit ensemble made Mother's Day a smashing success! Thanks for doing what you do-contributing a bit of joy to the world."
Charles C., Mesquite, TX
purchased Juicy Fruit necklace, bracelet, and earrings for his wife

"Your work is beautiful and original. This is my third purchase and I am very pleased. Thanks!"
Jennifer A., Wylie, TX
purchased Black Rainbow necklace, She Sells Seashells necklace, and Juicy Fruit necklace (repeat customer)

"I totally have to go buy an all new wardrobe that goes with all the cool Tefi jewelry that I want to buy. The Phoenix necklace and the Moonlight necklace are absolutely gorgeous!"
Ashleigh H., Plano, TX
purchased She Sells Seashells bracelet and earrings and Peter Pan necklace (repeat customer)

"All of your items are so great! I really love your jewelry."
Amy, Oklahoma City, OK
fellow crafter

"Keep the good stuff coming!"
Holly H., Dallas, TX
purchased Chunky Turquoise and Arrowhead necklaces (repeat customer)

"My mom loves the necklace and earrings set!"
Rachel W., Garland, TX
purchased Magda pottery shard necklace and earrings for mom's birthday

"I love your creations. I am the owner of many pieces, and whenever I wear them, I get all kinds of awesome compliments!"
Constanza W., Garland, TX
purchased several Juicy Fruits, among many others pieces (repeat customer)

"I LOVE your website! You have such beautiful jewelry!"
Rebecca M., Alabama
Boutique Owner

"It's here! It's here! I got it last night...and you know I could not imagine not wearing it today...I was so freaking excited!! I love the clasp and the length is perfection!! Tefi rocks my socks!"
Sara H., Addison, TX
purchased Juicy Fruit necklace

"Oh, thank you so much! I am so excited! This necklace is beautiful!"
Ashley S., West Islip, NY
purchased Great Coral Reef necklace

"My friend in St. Louis LOVED the necklace I sent her. There’s something for everyone, I’ve found! Mostly ME….but I’d go broke buying all of the ones I wanted!"
Amber M., Dallas, TX
purchased Edi, Alice & the Queen, DahliaII, Large ArtsyDisk, and Monkey See Monkey Do necklaces (repeat customer)

"Good news: My wife loved...the necklaces. She likes the Tianyang necklace a lot."
Avery C., Washington D.C.
purchased the Sparkle necklace and Tianyang necklace

"I got my necklace today. It’s even prettier in person than on the web! I showed it to everyone when it arrived and they all thought it was beautiful."
Edi F., Dallas, TX
purchased Mermaid's Treasure, Bamboo Salad, and Ease Your Feet Into the Sea necklaces and Pinkie Loves Brownie ring

"I love it!!"
Kristi B., Carrollton, TX
purchased Mom's Little Treasures (custom order)

"Thank you so much for these beautiful necklaces!! They are perfect and I love them! You did such a good job and I already know exactly who is getting which necklace...I'm keeping them all...just kidding!"
Amber G., Dallas, TX
purchased the Cleopatra necklaces for her bridal party (custom order)

"I got the necklaces today. There are even more gorgeous in person. Thank you so much!"
Nicole T., Garland, TX
purchased Julia pottery shard necklace and Pomegranate Fairy necklace

"I absolutely LOVE my necklaces from Tefi! They can be worn with so many outfits. The prices are great too...can't wait to order more!"
Laurie C., Indianapolis, IN
purchased Fire necklace and Ebony necklace

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