Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Below is a list of press I have received for Tefi Designs. To see a complete list of press for Etsy Dallas (I write all the press releases), make a clicky-click here!

Best of Texas - article and splash about my Juicy Fruit necklace donation

Advocate - article about a donation I made of my Juicy Fruit necklace
D Magazine - article about the 1st Annual Spring Bash, featuring my Big Balls necklace (below)

NBC DFW About Town - article about Etsy Dallas and the 1st Annual Spring Bash with a quote from me! (below)

Hello Dallas - article about Etsy Dallas and the 1st Annual Spring Bash

Quick! DFW - article about shopping localling featuring Etsy Dallas, including my Opah! bobbies (below)

Oak Cliff People - article featuring ME! (below)

Quick! DFW - article about Tefi Designs and Etsy Dallas (below)

Etsy.com - Etsy admin chose Tefi's Dark Crystal bracelet to be featured on the front page of Etsy as part of a Storque article about a grant for Etsy Dallas, the grant request written by yours truly!

Etsy Profiles blog - Tefi Designs profiled!

Oak Cliff People - article featuring Larry Pile and Etsy Dallas -with a quote from yours truly!

desirable.co.uk shopping blog - article featuring Tefi's Scotland Is for Me fabric ring

Funky Finds Blog - article about 2007 Deck the Halls show (Check out all the votes for Tefi Designs!)

Oak Cliff People - article about the 2007 OCA Studio Tour

Snapshots from an Undmade Bed blog - featuring one of Tefi's pottery shard necklaces
Click here to read what customers have said about Tefi Designs.

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