Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Chocolate Eucharist

How can something so wrong taste so good?

My friend Amber just sent me this article. We both agreed that, in the context of this artist's piece, we would eat Jesus. (Cue thunder claps and lightning.)


Sara said...

UGH! So annoying when peeps get their religious panties in a wad!

I would totally eat that overly well endowed Jesus, but I think I would avoid the endowed parts, as I just couldn't feel right about that...but the rest, I am totally ok with!

Amber said...

Oh you know I'd so eat Jesus' nether regions! With a cherry and whipped cream on top! LOL

Tefi Designs : live hard . craft hard said...

Excuse me, would you please pass the Jesus? *thunder clap strikes*

You chicas are cracking me up.

Amber said...

And I guess we wouldn't need to add nuts to our Jesus sundae, since they're already included? WACKA, WACKA, WACKA!

Amber said...

Question...Would it be chocolate flavored Jesus or Jesus flavored chocolate?

Either way, I think I'd eat him the way I eat chocolate Easter rabbits...I'd start with the ears and work my way down!

Sara said...

The day is ruined, all I can see now is a Jesus penis and balls with Whip cream and a cherry. Banana Splits will never be anything but a "religious" experience for me from now on.