Thursday, April 5, 2007

Ugly Betty necklace

This is a repost from the Crafty Chica. I love it so much I wanted to share it with you. Ugly Betty forever!

Cardstock, pencil, scissors
Craft knife
Polymer clay
Industrial strength craft glue
Acrylic craft paint in gold and black
Eye pins
Assorted beads
Soft Flex wire
Crimp beads
2 jump rings
Necklace clasp
Needle nose pliers

Cut a strand of wire long enough so you can double it to be at your desired length. At one end, holding two strands of the wire, feed on a crimp bead. Loop the wire ends through the crimp bead to make a loop at the end so you can attach a jump ring later. Use the needle nose pliers to flatten the crimp bead.

Begin to add the beads on the double strand of wire. When finished, close off the other end by repeating the crimping process. Add a jump ring at each end, and the clasp.

To make the initial, cut a piece of cardstock measuring 1-1/2-inch square. Draw out the letter in the square and cut out. Take gumball-sized piece of the clay and flatten it (about the thickness of a pancake). Place the cardstock template on it and use the craft knife to cut out the shape of the letter. Use your fingers to smooth the edges. Snip the eye pins to about 1/4 of an inch and insert them at the bottom of the letter. Add an eye pin at the top of the letter. If you have a letter that is open at the top (like a K), glue one on each side, or glue a jump ring to the back of the necklace later.

Bake in oven according to package directions. Let cool. One at a time, remove the eye pins, add a drop of glue and insert back into each hole. Repeat for all the eye pins. Let dry.

Paint the letter gold, let dry and lightly rub on black paint around the edges. Use your finger to rub in more gold, so it has an antique finish. Use more eye pins to add dangling beads to the eye pins glued at the bottom of the letter. Add a jump ring to attach the letter to the strand of beads.

NOTE: Credit for the original design goes to Jennifer Parrish of The Stoneham, Massachusetts jewelry designer made and supplied the faux pearl embellished necklace for Ugly Betty star, America Ferrera .

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