Monday, April 9, 2007

Tefi's Weekend Wrap-Up

What a crazy weekend here in Big D! I'll bet I can speak for most of the nation when I say, "Brrrr." It's freakin' cold out there, folks. (And now I've just sprouted 12 gray hairs, talking about the weather as a conversation starter. Geez.)

I didn't get any of my gardening done. In fact, J and I brought in all of the plants that I had potted because I was scared the cold weather would get them down. Then I would get down and next thing you know, the whole world's coming to an end. I have that much power.

Last week I'd made three, count them, three trips to nurseries to scour the aisles for the perfect plant. Really, what I was looking for were decorative cabbages that come in shades of purple, white, green and yellow. No such luck. I see them dotting every corporate flower bed in the city, but not a one in three different nurseries. Go figure. So I bought some grass, some red coleus - two kinds, one with velvety red leaves, and one with a velvety flowery pointy thing coming out the top. (My technical jargon frightens me sometimes.) I also bought a shrub with these beautiful yellow blooms that smells like a cross between lemongrass and mint. It should grow to be about 6 feet tall and it's going in the flower bed right in front of the den window that faces the street. I also bought a hardy rose bush with hot pink blooms as well as some succulents. I can't get enough succulents!

Tefi Stuffs
On the Tefi Designs front, I made a ton of Juicy Fruit necklaces, chokers, and bracelets Saturday night before heading out to the Dubliner with Jason, Laura, Neil, and cousin Jennifer for some beer and general brouhaha. As I was furiously beading away I failed to notice the pinched nerve in my shoulder taking over my left side. No matter, I replenished my Juicy Fruit supply as I had completely sold out of every piece except for one bracelet and a slew of earrings. The earrings don't sell as well. I wonder why...? Anyhoo, Tefi's signature piece is back in effect, so click here to order one today!

In the Family Way
Sunday J and I spent the day with his family. We ate the proverbial Easter ham, and watched as the kids went on an egg hunt. The best part was trying to help two-year-old Reagan. First off, she couldn't understand why we needed to collect brightly colored eggs. As I'd point one out to her, she'd look at me as if to say, "Yeah, there's an egg there. So what? What do you want me to do with it?" Apparently, the neon plastic eggs are supposed to be hidden in the purple jew. Once she caught onto the fact that a) all the other kids were doing it, and b) there's candy inside the eggs, she was a mini-woman on a mission. Her endeavors were so sincere that when it was time to take a group photo of all the kids with their full baskets, Reagan kept right on collecting eggs from her cousin's baskets. No one had bothered to explain that "found" eggs were off limits.

On the other side of the family divide, my mom and Randy returned from Guatemala yesterday afternoon. I'll post some pics once I get the predictable Snapfish email. The last time I was there, Jennifer and I were 15 and sneaking beers from the resort bar. Okay, it was one beer, and I let Jennifer take the wrap for it. It was the least I could do.

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