Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Myspace falls silent.

Over the past few weeks, Myspace has fallen silent. I used to blog there daily about all sorts of things funny, touching, irreverant. Now all I see are ads for really bad movies and an occasional funny bulletin, tho most of it is another droll survey or dumb men vs. women jokes.

My best friend, Jen, is no longer able to Myspace (yes, it's a verb) during the day now that she's got her fancy new job with its fancy spreadsheets and even fancier firewalls. So now that she's gone, I hardly see the point. We'd spend the days amusing each other, commenting on blogs, making fun of goofballs, generally being bad. Yeah, we did.

Now it's just crickets. For the first time since I started my trek with Myspace have I signed on at the beginning of the day and not had one email, nor one comment, nor one blog posting. Wtf? It's like that movie 28 Days Later where the hero wakes up and no one is around.

Oh. I hope my Myspace buddies haven't turned into virus-infected zombie maniacs.

So I'm outtie. No more Myspace for me as far as the good blogdiggity lifestyle goes. Oh sure, I'll still use it to post announcements, send emails, or spy on friends of yore and engage in a little schadenfreude as I laugh at the way their lives have turned out. Sure, I may sound a bit spiteful. But just a bit. It's good to know that, tho I don't believe in karma, it's still a nice idea.

So to kick off my brand spankin' new blog, I'm going to post my very first Myspace blog, which also happens to be an essay I submitted to NPR's This I Believe segment. Those biznatches never picked it up, but they posted it on there All-the-Essays-That-Didn't-Cut-It portion of their web site:

So what now? Well, for starters, here are a few factoids about Ye Olde Blogger:

Name Stephanie
Nicknames Moxie, Tefi, Tefi Two Fists
Hometown Dallas
Loves Making jewelry, rescuing animals, practicing the art of Shaolin kung fu (ee-ya!)
Owns: Tefi Designs LLC, chiggity check it out -
Why this blog? My goal for this new blog is to scour the web finding the coolest in the handmade DIY lifestyle, focusing on jewelry, home decor, and fashion.
What else? I'll also be posting my ramblings about life and love and all the things that happen to me that seem really important. Then I'll share them with you, and you'll yawn and say, "Jesus, that was a waste of my time." But at least I'll feel better.

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