Wednesday, April 4, 2007

I'm all inspirizzled.

I'll try to make this short.

Lately I've been inspired to create all kinds of new things, most of them still stuck in my head, just waiting to burst out. My jewelry, to me, is just getting better and better. My photography? A little bit, but not enough to really showcase what I've been making lately. Of course, I'm nowhere near "master" or even "master's butt wiper," but I feel I'm getting closer. I've been able to invest more time, money, and energy into higher-priced components (semi-precious stones and gems, sterling silver, handmade ceramic, etc.) that I'm really falling in love with my pieces. I wear everything I make at least once to see how it acts and reacts with mundance movements and such. I touch my pieces as I type on the computer, loving the way the coral feels in my hands - so smooth and solid. I rub the sterling silver pendant like a worry doll when I'm, well, worried. It helps.

I love what I do, and I love the other work I've seen other people do. There's so much to admire out there and so much inspiration. One of my uber inspirations comes from jewelry artist Jes MaHarry. I first saw her work in the Sundance Jewelry Catalogue (as in Robert Redford, baby). Her stuff is just delicious (and incredibly expensive!). I aspire to have what she has made for herself. Here's a peek into her studio and ranch:

They say the natural progression of an apprentice is to start low and gradually work her way up to higher level techniques. I've found that's true for jewelry designers, including me. We all start low, taking apart old pieces and remaking them. Then we go out into the world and buy inexpensive glass beads and go from there. The next stop is higher quality glass, gemstones, sterling silver, coral, etc. That's where I am. My next step is to continue learning metalsmithing (one class doesn't even scratch the surface, so to speak), particularly working with sterling silver. Jes' work is something I aspire to, and with a little effort (okay, a lot) I know I can make it. I may be 80 and not own a ranch with dogs and horses, but I can live with that.

So long as I have my red coral and sterling silver worry pendant.

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Sara said...

I am missing you already!
I will miss the little link that indicates that moxie has posted something new and fab to make my morning more giggily (word?), but I will just have to get in the habit of reading here instead.
So excited to keep reading, you had me at "Holy Mary Mother of All Thing Caffeinated..."