Thursday, April 19, 2007

OCA Studio Tour Nerves

Surprisingly, my nerves have been rather calm this week considering the fact that I will soon have complete strangers tromping up my driveway, onto my deck, and into my sunroom to (let's hope) purchase tons and tons of Tefi jewelry.

Being the anal shebang! that I am, I created a calendar of "To Do" items for this week, and so far I am on track. Tonite I will finish passing out invites and brochures to my neighbors, and I will get all of my jewelry out on the tables and lookin' purty. I took some pics just for you.

This is where I will hang the majority of my lesser-priced Pottery Shard pieces, as well as display some CLEARANCE items in an attempt to reduce my bulging inventory (tilt head to side):

Here's one of the three main display tables plus the old sewing table I found at a thrift store. I bought and stained the wooden top myself and have yet to screw it on so it just sliiiiides around. Another unfinished project is that red and blue carry-tote-thingy on the sewing table. It displays my Escapulario collection - some pieces are hanging from the handle and some are lying in a bed of uncooked rice. Rice makes an excellent display element! (I will have a tutorial blog entry once I get around to decoupaging and sealing the tote.)

This here is a little table that normally houses my indoor plants in the sunroom. Right now it's exploding with trendy chandelier earrings!

This is the center table - yes that's my dining room table, and yes I carried it all by myselfs into the sunroom. Kung Fu has made me one strong mutha! We will leave the sofa in the room for the time being and have the telly tuned to some background muzak.

Okay, do the head tilty thing one last time to see the pretty-in-pink table that will house Tefi's signature Juicy Fruit pieces. Just to the right of this table is the large step leading into the kitchen and the rest of the house. The Hukills let me borrow a four-panel screen that will go up right there to keep the lookey-loos from roaming around the pad.

Now why aren't the hyper links working? you may ask. Good question. I'm about to take my site off line to keep customers from double-buying pieces that I will have for sale at my studio this weekend. Want to buy a Tefi piece now because you can't come to the Studio Tour? No problem. Just email me. God, I love you.


Sara said...

Juicy fruit makes my mouth water...wearing it AGAIN today!

Tefi Two Fists said...

Yessssss. The Juicy Fruit loves Sara. SH + JF = luv 4/eva

(Hey! We have the same initials. Funny stuff.)