Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Price Calculator - so cool!

I have found one of the coolest resources out there. It makes my compulsive, crazy organization-oriented brain jump for joy. I had a little trouble with it at first, but once I figured out what the deal-io was, it has been a major help for me in pricing my pieces.

One major thing I learned was that I was pricing most things way too low, and some things way too high. Whoops. Now, instead of using the basic pricing formula I was using before, I am using this to reprice all of my pieces.

My plans are to keep web prices around wholesale levels, and show prices around retail levels. This will help me compensate for all of the time, energy, and work it takes for me to travel to show locations, set up my displays, and sell for hours at a time. Web sales, of course, have very little overhead, and shipping costs cover most of the work and supplies it takes to mail out my goods. So, I'll keep the web prices low in the interest of sticking to Tefi's mission:

The mission of Tefi Designs is to create original handmade jewelry that is beautiful, unique, and above all - affordable.

Here's a snapshot of what the calculator (designed by Eni Oken) looks like:

And here's the link: http://www.enioken.com/jewelry/pricecalc.html


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