Monday, April 16, 2007

The Way the Cookie Crumbles

I've decided that if the world ended today and I could only have two thing to eat for the rest of my life, it would be coffee with half-n-half and an endless bowl of guacamole. That led me to think of my guacamole recipe (see archives) and take note of my rumbling stomach. She's been talking on overtime ever since I finished off a large guacamole salad with 3 flour tortillas last night for dinner. My stomach bitched so much it kept Oliver on guard til after midnight. Perhaps I should rethink my apocalyptic fare after all.

So this morning as I'm shushing my tummy, I get on the elevator and right next to me is the star of the following blog post. I nearly wet my pants. But he didn't seem to remember me, or at least had the wherewithall to act like a grown-up. We exchanged pleasantries, remarked on the remodelling of the lobby, and bid each other fare thee well when I came to stop. What a day this promises to be.

POSTED: April 2, 2007 (on my old Myspace blog)

I had one of those Huh? moments today.

Walking through the lobby after lunch up to my office, I was in a daydream. I think I was humming to myself and wondering why I ate that whole Chipotle veggie fajita bowl and is it possible to eat too much guacamole? I was sort of pissy, as I usually am at the end of my lunch hour, when a man in the lobby looked at me. Whatevs, I kept my head up and kept toward the elevator. Then he turned away and then turned back around and looked right at me again. But like for several seconds, so it was creepy. There was no one else in the lobby! So without thinking, I frowned, looked right at him, and snapped, "What?!"

He sort of started and looked surprised. He turned and walked away, through the first set of elevators and onto the other side of the lobby, out of sight. I sort of laughed to myself as I thought, "What, am I eight years old?"

I must have been in a state. Sometimes I just say things without wondering first, "Hmm, is this socially acceptable?" And most times I just don't give a damn. People shouldn't stare; it's rude. So yeah, you wanna look at me you looky-loo? Then I'm gonna ask you what's up. Then I'm going to laugh to myself all the way up to my office and then I'm going to sit myself down at my desk and work some more on these damn HUD applications, then I'm going to open my Secret Stash and eat two Cadbury creme eggs and then I'm going to blog about the whole damn thing and laugh all over again.

Then I'll eat one more Cadbury creme egg and slip into another daydream of Chipotle and mounds and mounds of fresh, green guacamole.


Sara said...

Well, it seems as though he has forgiven you for your less than sweet response to his attention last time your paths crossed. It seems Tefi has a new homey! It is always good to have a fellow office building person in your corner, you never know when that will come in handy! Maybe he just didn't recognize you without the Chipotle breath and your tummy bulging with fullness from a large burrito bowl! Either way, it can't be bad.

Tefi Two Fists said...

Or maybe he just luuuuuvs me and wanted to make nice. ;)