Sunday, June 10, 2007

Weekend Wrap-up

I know, I know, the weekend's not over yet, but as I sit at the desk sipping my last cup of coffee of the day I realize I had quite the full weekend. Here's a run-down:

* Repotted some begonias, chrysanthemums, and some things I don't know the names of. Also weeded and laid down a ton of mulch in the front flower beds. The colleus' are looking a bright blood red and getting nice and tall. (Sidenote: Why don't we say "deweeded"? I mean, it's not like I added weeds to my landscaping.)

* Demo-ed some wire wrapping, hammering, etc. at 2nd Saturday yesterday. I didn't sell much, but I came out in the black and made some great pendants while I was at it. Had fun showing some kids how cool it is to bang away at silver. My favorites are the abacus and totem pendants:
Abacus I detail
Totem I

* Listened to way too much of The Bird and the Bee's latest album. It's soooo dang good.

* When I wasn't listening to music I was watching Law & Order. Way too much of it, in fact.

* Realized that as I continue to burn fat in my kung fu training, I continue to burn fat everywhere. As in my big B's are turning into little B's. *sniff*

* Went on a girl date with Jen. We ate at Gloria's (mmm, pupusas...) and then dancing at Metro Retro. The place was dead like parachute pants, but we had a blast wearing holes in the carpet all the same.

* Got my tool kit ready all nice and neat for my metalsmithing class tomorrow night. We're going to make a simple band ring in sterling silver, and I'm going to see about adding little silver blobbies around the top part. It won't be as bling as J-Lo's, but I think it'll look pretty darn cool.

* Did not give Oliver a bath. Poor little dirty dog.

* Took the leap and submitted an application to Stitch. Don't know what the competition is like, and I know there are so many jewelers out there it's hard to avoid saturation, but let's hope they give Tefi a shot! (It'll be a good excuse to party in my old stomping ground - Casino el Camino, The Showdown, Lala's Little Nugget, Trudy's...I could go on.)

I think that's about it - my weekend in a nutshell. Not too shabby.

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