Sunday, June 17, 2007

Conjuring Hephaestus I

Tomorrow is my third metalsmithing class and I cannot wait. The hiss of the torch flame, the sound of pounding metal, the feel of the saw in my hand going up and down - it's as close to religion as I've come in a long time.

Our first project is a simple band ring. Last week we started it and tomorrow we finish the ring, which includes soldering with fine silver, filing, hammering, and polishing. Altho the ring itself is simple, there are so many steps to making it it's unreal. Who knew? When I become more adept I plan to outfit it with silver blobbies along the top to give it a textured, organic feel. Here are pics of it so far:

We also start the next project, which is a pair of pierced saw earrings on 1inx1in sterling sheet. That means we saw a design from the inside out (much like a punched hole in a piece of paper). When dealing with design, I love the idea of organic motifs, assymetry, and quirkiness. I wanted mismatched earrings that were still thematic. I settled on a very simple design that would be easy, funky, and hold up well with the saw. One earring has a cloud and the other an umbrella. I call it "Stormy Weather." Here's a sketch. More later!

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Sara said...

I am super excited about these! I can't wait to pick a set of my very own!