Sunday, June 17, 2007

From Tefi's Garden: Tomatoes

I picked these tomatoes this afternoon from my upside-down planter. Have not tried them yet, but plan to with some feta cheese, white onions, oliver oil, and balsamic vinagrette. Salt too, of course.

in the gardener's hand

Here is my second tomato plant, and so far it bears only one tomato which appears to be much larger than today's yield and is only now starting to turn red even tho I planted them at the same time.

Time will tell!

Okay, we just cut into them and here's a shot just before mealtime. Oliver is all about the tomatoes. They were, by the way, incredibly sweet and delicious, but with a tough skin. We'll let the next batch ripen a bit more and not be so hasty. That should yeild a softer skin.


Sara said...

I love the Oli face...he makes tomatoes look even yummier!

Tefi Two Fists said...

Isn't he precious? I took a bunch more tomato pics, but that was the one that stopped me cold. I had to post it. :)

jen said...

great pic! very artsy and he couldn't look more eager...or more sweet! :)