Monday, June 18, 2007

Sublime Stitching

Before I dove headfirst into the jewelry design business, I was a mad stitcher thanks largely in part to two people: my late grandmother who left me all of her sewing goodness, and Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching. I went ka-razy for her patterns when I first spotted her ad at the back of Readymade magazine and began embroidering anything I could find. So imagine my glee when I saw her most recent ad for a new pattern featuring artwork by Kurt Halsey.

Ain't it precious? In addition to Kurt Halsey's pattern from Sublime Stitching, I also bought a Happy Camper pattern, Bon Voyage, and Word Balloons, so my Halsey creatures can speak little words of sweetness and love.

Below is a little slide show of some of my first embroidered pieces with SS patterns. I have a lot more, including Rocket Man place mats complete with alien beings and rocket ships, but have yet to snap pics of them. Beware, these pics below were taken before a) I knew how to use Photoshop, and b) I had any idea how to use a camera.

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