Monday, June 4, 2007

Oh Laptop, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?

My hardrive is a dud. It turns out to be one of Samsung's 5% that turn out buggy and messed up and now I need a new one. The worst part is that I most likely lost all of my files. This includes all of my pics, invetories sheets, design ideas, art show docs, etc. Nothing I can't either replace or live without, but MAN! What a drag and a half. Luckily, my friend Matt is helping me out. He's a 'puter whiz and is nice enough to take on the task of restoring what files he can (if he can), replacing my hard drive, performing a security recovery or something...This is where my eyes start to glaze over, you know, when computer talk turns technical. In the meantime, I've uploaded my Boston pics onto Jason's computer and have yet to upload them to Flickr. But I promise I will! Warning: We were photosnappin' fools, so you're in for a whale of a time. I also photographed a lot of new pieces, but then my memory card got FULL and I had to stop. I didn't snap shots of my new Wired pendants and they are, I think, the best of my new work. Once I get those photographed, I plan to submit my application to Stitch. My favorite of the new pieces are these Totem Pole Pendants I constructed using various stones and Tibetan skull prayer beads. The beads are stacked one on the other and wirewrapped onto a hammered wire frame. They look like little totem poles around your neck! Jason and I had a fun weekend. We partied like rock stars Saturday night at Lee Harvey's, danced to some DJ Sista Whitenoise tunes, and then later on went to Laura and Neil's pad to watch 80s videos on The Tube and some HBO Real Sex. If you ask me, it should be called HBO's Real Dumb People Doing Real Dumb Sex Things. But we had a laugh or two. Yesterday was my day for mourning the loss of my hard drive. I'll let ya know if anything can be recovered, but I'm preparing for the worst. Kids: back up your stuff. It's a hard lesson to learn.

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