Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I did not burst into flames.

Yesterday, for the first time in a million years, I left the house without a necklace on.

So I'm driving to work zombie-style, listening to NPR and wondering what the frack is going on in Gaza, when I realize my neck is naked. My hand flutters up to my earlobes and lo! behold! No earrings either. Dang.

I check my kung fu bag to see if I'd left an errant necklace in the side pocket. Nothing but my dingy white belt and some hair ties. So I check my glovebox and other car cubbies - nada. I used to keep a spare necklace in my car, but I probably wore it on a morning much like yesterday morning and forgot to put it back. (Sorry mom. I didn't follow your rule this time, and see where it got me?)

Now I bet a lot of you are shrugging your shoulders and prepping my straightjacket. I mean, who cares if I left the house jewelry-free? I do. I not only work to make necklaces and earrings a fact of life for every woman, I also use my own neck and earlobes to network, get the word out about Tefi, etc. Sometimes I even end up making a sale because I wore one of my pieces.

Throughout the day I longed to wear one of my necklaces, esp. the one I've been wearing a lot lately (see below, front and back views). It's become sort of an amulet, and when I wear it I can't help but finger it and remember the good times. It's a piece of beach glass I found in Gloucester*, Mass. on a recent trip to Boston. I wrapped it in silver and have worn it practically every day since. Except yesterday.

Now, the world didn't crash in on me and I didn't burst into flames.

Well. At least not this time.

*Remember Richard III? You know, "Now is the winter of our discontent" and all that. Well, it's pronounced "Gloh-ster" and I was glad I knew that. I'm not a fan of getting looked at with one of those, "Oh you're from Texas" looks.

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