Thursday, June 14, 2007

Reuniti so nice

My sweet little HP Pavillion laptop is working again!! After two weeks of being unplugged from my little guy we are back together again, thanks mostly in part to Matt (shout out! whoop whoop raise the roof!) After a two hour system recovery - during which I painted my toenails, watched Lil Bush, bathed Oliver (finally!), and did a load of laundry - my laptop was ready to go. So what's the first thing I did? Did I check my files to make sure they weren't corrupt? Did I get straight to work on all of the inventory sheets I've yet to fill out? Did I prepare my second shipment of jewelry for Shambhala Body Gallery? Oh, no. No, I did something much more important.

You see, Netflix sent me the third disc in the Freaks & Geeks series and, well, I just had to watch it. All three episodes in a row, in fact. It's probably the best TV show I've ever seen, after Gilmore Girls, naturally. Makes me long for those messy high school days when the worse things I had to worry about were which concert tee to wear - Depeche Mode or P.I.L.? - and what my locker combination was. Good times.

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