Sunday, October 14, 2007

Window Shopping at Midnight

What a weekend. Pretty uneventful, altho Jason and I went to see The Darjeeling Limited at the Angelika. It was very good. Even if Wes Anderson were ever to make a bad movie, I would still enjoy watching it b/c the visual themes and set decor are stunning. Remember The Royal Tennenbaums? Magical and sweet.

I also started crocheting a scarf, which was inspired by this (more on this later once I finish it - over halfway there!):

Tonite I'm trying to wind down and couldn't sleep so I decided to fill up my Wish List at Anthropologie. Makes me feel like I'm buying myself whatever I want, only sadly that package will never arrive...That is, unless you - my dear reader and hopefully secret admirer (?) - feels like indulging me. You can go online and view my Wish List. Let's pretend it's my birthday! Here are a few things from mine, in case you want to spoil me:

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