Friday, October 12, 2007

State That I Am In - Texas, That Is!

Wednesday, my girl Jen and I went to the State Fair of Texas. It's become a yearly ritual of ours, so we took some time off from work and headed south.

The weather was great, and we had fried anything on our minds. Among the winners this year of fried goodness were fried guacamole bites and fried banana pudding. We looked for both and had no luck. Rather, we noshed on potato swirls with cheez, an Austrian broccoli puff pastry, beer, nutty bars, and cotton candy. Considering how contientious we both are about health and staying fit, we allowed ourselves the luxury of letting go and eating JUNK. (Things are sweeter when you stay away from them and then give yourself a chance every now and then to indulge.) Other State Fair highlights:

* paying $1 + 3 canned goods to get in (thanks Jen!)

* the pig races starring Brittany Squeals and Rush Limphog

* the petting zoo (Altho we have strong reservations about animals in captivity, we agreed that public exposure is a priority in order to give people a chance to empathize, learn, and appreciate the animal kingdom.)

* the swings (wheeeeeeeee - ohmygodletmeoff!!)

* Big Tex with his ginormous chest and flat, flat butt

* riding the DART rail, then the DART bus (and getting help along the way)

* not having to see Billy Ray Cyrus

* giving the cutest little girl in the world my extra tickets

* post-State Fair drinks at The Meridian Room!

You've got 9 days left. Don't miss it!

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