Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Kung Fu Holiday

Tomorrow's the big day. At 5pm I'll begin my promotion to yellow belt. Well, I'll begin the testing. The promotion is not guaranteed, tho I know everything I need to know. Have I mastered those things? No way. But I know them and I'll just have to perform my best. I know my oath, the 7 requirements of Wujido, 3 basic blocks, 3 basic punches, 4 basic kicks, 2 16-point forms, first 2 wrist bends, my etiquette, and my 5 basic stances. The chain stance drill I'm not so good at, but basically because I let my ego get in the way, then I overthink it, then all randomness goes out the window and I end up looking like a black uniform-clad deer in the headlights. I've been studying these things since February and I'm ready! To get the party started, I've taken the day off. I don't believe in cramming before a test, so I will take it easy tomorrow. I'll plan to do all of the following, preferably in my PJs: * sleep in * make coffee, watch TV in bed, do a sudoku * read over my kung fu journal and add any pertinent info * work on my moss green/red tartan scarf * watch The Karate Kid for ego boost and inspiration * see if any Hong Kong shoot-em-up Chow Yun Fat pics are playing on TV (for extra ego boost, however unrealistic) * paint toenails red * shave legs and arms * wash uniform and white belt (for the last time...?) * drink lots of water and stre-e-e-e-tch Wish me luck!

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