Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Craving Anthropologie

I love this blog. I stumbled across it by accident and found someone who is just as fanatical about Anthropologie as I am. I told Jason last night that when we have a baby and I begin working from home, that I will get a part time job at Anthro. He looked so sad. Why? Because he said then that we'd be poor. He's right.

So last night I returned a top I bought online. I found out that I could return it at a store - who knew? Man, that's dangerous, and the angel demons at Anthropologie know it. They know that if I go in to return a $40 top I bought on sale that I will leave with $100 of more sale merchandise - a brown top with poofed up sleeves, an embroidered floral skirt, a chartreuse sweater with flower applique, and ohmuhgod.....I'm blanking out on the last item! I've got Anthro overload right now.

My dream job: To live at home and make beautiful little nothings Anthro-style. One day.

In the meantime, I've ordered some beads in an attempt to emulate this design:

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