Monday, October 22, 2007

Watch My Library Grow

Yippe dippy - I finally placed a rather large order for some crafty books I've been craving. I was waiting for the sale prices to go down and they did. Toot, toot!

I got these in an effort to expand my rather limited D.I.Y. knowledge of stitching:

These will teach and inspire me to make felted beads and such with an awesome lot of merino wool that I recently purchased off Etsy from Mary Jane's Attic:

I hope this will help me improve and further my crafty ventures and addictions:

And these are some books I bought with a birthday git card (yeah, I know it was in May) from Timmy Teabag. The illustrations are beautiful and great for inspirations and use in all sorts of design:

Lastly, I want to add this to my collection once the sale price drops a wee bit:

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