Monday, October 22, 2007

Jackie Chan, Stravinsky, etc.

Hi all! It's been a rainy past few days with a crispy chill in the air. I love it! With Jason in Philly, I've passed many hours lying in bed, crocheting, and watching Jackie Chan movies. I finished my first ever scarf (not including all the trendy skinny scarves I made last year) and once I get a chance to snap a pic, I'll show it to ya. I'm on my second scarf now and this one will be a mossy green with red tartan plaid accents. Sooooo cute and cozy! I've also been bitten by the New Project bug, and plan to start making felt sachets with embroidery and button embellishments. These might find their way onto my mom's and aunt's etsy shop, Knit Sisters, or just might land in your Xmas stocking. Once the weather clears and I have some free time, I'll go check out dried herbs and such at Whole Foods for the sachet innards. I'm thinking a lavendar and mint mixture... Also this weekend I dodged the KERA pledge fund drive as much as possible. There should be some sort of secret member code so that we who give can listen to regular NPR. Anywhoodle, I did catch a rerun of Radio Lab on my way to kung fu on Saturday. It's my favorite radio show after Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!, and this is my favorite episode so far. The story about Stravinsky's 1913 dissonant debut of "Rite of Spring" is so cool and weird, you won't believe your, um, ears. It's Monday and I think Dr. Tefi is due to write you a prescription for retail therapy. Take a look at some of my new autumn-inspired editions from my Chained collection, and get to shopping - stat!

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