Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Art of Fiddleheads

I gave you guys an intro to my favorite green thing (after Kermit): the fiddlehead. Now I want to share with you some great fiddlehead images and art pieces I've found while trolling the dusty hallways of Google and etsy:

fellow Etsy seller

Hans Van De Bovenkamp

Harry McDaniel

Barry van Dusen

Dichromatic Fiddleheads II, Vanna Lam

from Quilters Guild of Arlington (TX)

Coming Soon: I recently embroidered some free-hand fiddlehead designs onto sage green pillow cases. I'll post photos soon as I can!

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Anonymous said...

You missed these fabulous Fiddlehead earrings from Etsy! I own a pair and love them as they remind me of my home town!