Friday, August 24, 2007


As of late, I've been totally into the dangly necklace thing. The longer and more vibrant, the better. I went to Curiosities in Lakewood a couple weekends ago and bought some antique skeleton keys and wooden dominoes. I need to drill holes in the game pieces to make them necklace-worthy, but in the meantime I've already started new designs with the skeleton keys:

Skeleton Key I

Here are a couple other designs that play with the notion of real things in nature while being quirky and funky enough for anyone:



All of these necklaces are available at my etsy shop. And don't forget I've got all sorts supplies for sale, too! Have you seen my studio lately? It's crammed full of more stuff than I'll ever be able to use. So dig in already! (NB: Tefi's Stash is now open and features all of my beads and supplies for sale straight from my stash to you! Clicky here.):

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jason said...

Good lookin' photos.