Saturday, August 18, 2007

Catamarans and Parrots

Last night Jenn and I went on a pub crawl hosted by our hostel. Lots of young foreigners and vodka - superb! Today we went on a catamaran cruise around the bay. We barely made it after a mad sprint along The Embarcadero from Pier 9 to Pier 29 then hopped on a rikshaw that took us to Pier 39. We sprinted to dock I and just barely made it onto the boat. The tour was awesome and I still have my sea legs - wobbly and all. Then we walked to Telegraph Hill and up Coit Tower. The view was magnificent. We didn't see the parrots on the Hill, but we did catch about 7 flying by us near the wharves - bright flashes of green and red squacking in mad delight.

Now back at the hostel we are going to head out to The Stinking Rose where it's all garlic all the time. Then tonite we're off to an 80's dance club with Debra, a woman staying at the hostel who we met on the pub crawl last night.

Tomorrow we're doing the hippie Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, Chinatown, and Union Square. Then for dinner we're doing a crazy transvestite dinner club-type/singing lounge thing called Asia SF.

Right now the screen is moving up and down before my eyes. Looks like I've not only got my sea legs, but my sea arms, my sea eyes, my sea hands...and definitely my matted crazy sea hair. Life is good.

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