Thursday, August 30, 2007

Conchita Laredo

I'm not sure who Conchita Laredo is, but I just got a call on my private line at work asking for her. I imagine her with fruit on her head and a sarong 'round her waist, sipping a coconut rum drink with little umbrellas in it. Who are you, Conchita Laredo?

My brand new etsy store is open for business! Within in the first few hours I made 2 sales for 3 items total. Awright! This new store is called Tefi's Stash and it's solely for the supplies and beads that are causing my studio to overflow. Rather than sit on them and ponder what the heck to do with it all, I'm offering it up to you fine folks out there in nevernevercraftland. Here's my new banner:

Check out my stash and shop til you *pop*! (Signing up to shop on etsy is just like ebay, but easier and so much cooler! CLICKY HERE)

1 comment:

jason said...

I want to meet Conchita Laredo. Maybe we could eat a paleta with her.