Thursday, August 9, 2007

Green With Envy

What a day! I need not one, but five beers please. Gonna meet my girl Laura at The Dubliner tonight to de-stress my work week. Let's hope the crusty old Irish regulars will be there to help pay my tab of Harps and Blue Moons (with orange slices, of course!). By then I'll have digested the ginormous Greek salad I had for lunch. (Went to Ziziki's on Travis Street and ate way too much feta and artichoke hummus. Wait...that's impossible.) On top of it all, I am so incredibly sore from last night's bout of kung fu. Instructor Goode kicked my patooty with round after round of the first 16-point form: bow-salute-down block-front kick-male punch-lather, rinse, repeat. I actually strained my hamstring, possibly pulled it a bit, about halfway through the exercises. But good ol' sir kept saying "Again," and I took it. I made it through and altho I can barely walk today, I feel great. I got to where I was doing the form without even thinking about what move came next. Once I started looking forward rather than at my feet, my body sort of took over, my kicks became a lot higher and stronger, and my balance was excellent. But enough about me. Let's talk about me...and my new sweaters! My mom and I lunched at Northpark yesterday. Rather than our usual tromp through Nordstrom's shoe department, we cut through Barney's. She kept making purple dinosaur jokes and in between giggles I asked her not to be such a peasant. I fell in love with a top that I can actually afford ($68) and I'm considering going back. It's cute and hip, a little gray off-the-shoulder number with a grassy print - perfect for my upcoming San Fran trip with my cousin, Jennifer, who always looks like a million bucks. Barney's Radioactive Back to the Future dress After eyeballing the creepy headless, handless mannequins at Barney's, my mom and I headed to my mecca, Anthropologie, where I exchanged a skirt for two sweaters. One is a knitted moss green, over-the-shoulder turtleneck, and the other is a sexy librarian-style cardigan with ribbon and a fitted waist. Sadly, I can't show you the sweaters, but here are two things that are on my Anthropologie wish list. Buy them for me, won't you? Gee, I love you. Wildflower Cardigan, $128, size M Wool Finch Skirt, $128, size 6

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