Friday, August 17, 2007

Greetings from San Fran, the city of ...?

What's it the city of? Lights? Hills? Cool breezes? Cafes? Tired feet?

This morning I went bright and early to an Italian cafe called E Tutto Qua ("it's all here"). They were only serving coffee that ealry so I had a superstrong cappucino and read more of The Poe Shadow, a novel I bought at the DFW airpot. Then I huffed it to Washington Park and ate at Cafe Divine - a ham and red pepper quiche and a side of home fried. Deeeelish. Then I walked back to my room and slept a good half hour. After that I walked down to the piers on Embarcadero and read a little more as the sound of seagulls interrupted my reading every 3 seconds.

As I sit in the internet cafe of my hostel waiting for my cousin to arrive, I'm reminded of some interesting things of note:

* Lots of cool boutiques on Grant St. to visit, esp. one specializing in funky beaded necklaces.
* Guy at E Tutto Qua had a cast on his leg painted in red, white, and green.
* Only seen one homeless person so far, and he whispered a plea for change. I was expecting more hostile beggars. We'll see.
* Didn't make it to Telegraph Hill to see the parrots. I figured Jennifer might like to see that, too. Plus, my thighs were shaking and I was dead tired.

A busy morning indeed!

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