Saturday, July 28, 2007

Pol Pot and Little Toes

I was snapping some pics on my deck yesterday just before dusk. Here's what the set-up looks like when I forget to zoom in:

Funnily enough, that one necklace, made of jasper and sterling silver, didn't take as all three shots were out of focus. I'll be reshooting it today when I get up the energy to battle the heat and mosquitos. The tomato head was a gift from Ellen and the planter is filled with lush green Wandering Jew. And my midgetine pinkie toes? Deformed from years of ballet and gymnastics, and no gold medal to show for it.

Speaking of my toes, yesterday on Radio Lab (a reairing) they were exploring time - the history and politics of time, the science of time, perspectives, etc. One segment talked about Pol Pot and the year 1975. Apparently he declared 1975 Year 1 since that's the year he began his reign of terror (aka the Khmer Rouge) in Cambodia. Basically, time started with him. I will admit that 1975 was a magical year, and I never thought I'd agree with Pol Pot on anything. So yes, I agree. 1975 is Year 1 and 2007 exists only as Year 32. And what do you know? I'm 32!

Okay, all egomania aside, if you don't know who Pol Pot is, or you aren't sure why I'm disgusted that I agreed with him on something, then you should watch The Killing Fields. It's incredible. Imagine Hotel Rwanda and Rescue Dawn. It stars Sam Waterston of TV's Law and Order (Dun! Dun!). If we know each other, ask me, and I'll let you borrow it.

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