Thursday, July 5, 2007

A little R&R in 78705

Yikes! My blog has gotten a bit stale. Not as bad as that stack of tostadas in my bread box, but stale enough to make me blush. Things have been crazy and whirlwindy lately, so it's time I post a blog and take a little R&R this weekend. I'm going back to my old stomping ground: Austin.

Roberts dorm
Male-only dorm until the year I got there!

78705 was my zip code for five years. For two years I lived at 21st and San Jacinto in the H.R. Roberts dorm across from the stadium. During football games, I would open my dorm room windows, let in the crisp autumn air, and listen to the game while doing my medieval lit homework. Every time the crowd roared, the window panes would shake and I'd smile. I didn't give a hoot about UT athletics, but I was happy right where I was.

The next three years I lived at 18th and Nueces in the, ahem, Penthouse Apartments. The only thing penthousey about it was that I lived on the top floor. It was small, dark, and alllll mine. Good times.

Penthouse Apts.
I used to swim in that pool!

I'm going back this weekend to visit my best girl from college, Ellen. We'll hit all the old spots: Club Deville, Casino el Camino, Waterloo. Heck, we may even catch a Spankers show. One thing I definitely plan to do is visit Parts + Labor, a great little boutique that carries all handmade goods on South Congress. Man, I remember when SoCo was nothing but a strip of three or four shops, the Continental Club, and Guerros. Now it's gone gangbusters with shops and restaurants and is my favorite place to spend an afternoon.

Not only do I like to visit Parts + Labor to browse and spend money, I think they are a great model for what Jen and I want to do right here in Dallas. Only we'll take it up a notch with crafty classes, art community happenings, and a web site (I can't believe they don't have a web site!). Give us time; we're workin' on it.

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Erin said...

I grew up in Austin, and every time I go home I can't imagine how much it has grown. Did you get lost in the confusion of the new 185? or the toll roads? Little Austin is growing up!