Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Made in Colombia

Well, not exactly. More like made in Oak Cliff, Texas via Colombia. You see, my mom just got back from a five-week visit and brought me back all sorts of great Colombian beads. So far I've made three necklaces and plan to keep each one for myself.

I call this first one Nut Job. It's made up of large seeds and round river rocks. Each bead has been polished and dyed.

This next one I call River Rocks, and that's exactly what it's made of. Like some of the beads in Nut Job, these large beads are polished and dyed rocks. The little brown ones are small seeds.

This last piece is called Wood Nugget. The lady at the bead store was so taken with my mom's numerous purchases (she loves the Tef!) that she gave my mom this large wooden bead along with a pendant (not pictured) that looks like a purple potato chip. The other beads are rutilated quartz, green Czech crystals, and a large turquoise oval bead.

In addition to beautiful emeralds and fantastic coffee, Colombia can now be known for making super cool beads out of found objects like seeds, rocks, and wood.


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