Monday, July 9, 2007

Ahoy Mateys!

My whirlwind weekend in Austin was fabulous. I engaged in some much-needed retail therapy and gave my wardrobe a little nautical punch. I am sad to say that I didn't buy anything handmade this weekend. I went up and down South Congress and found a ton of great little things, but nothing to tempt me. It could be that I was coming off my shopping high and afraid of a little shopper's remorse. I did come close to buying a cute little teal t-shirt with a pirate ship on it, only they didn't have my size. Arrgh.

Among the bazillion pieces of clothing I purchased, I (surprisingly) spent most of my energy at J. Crew. Who knew I'd like the preppy look? Perhaps I'm hoping my sailboating in New England fantasy will come true if only I shop at J. Crew. I mean, I wear my Glouchester seaglass nonstop, so I suppose I'm halfway there.

Okay, so I got a grey tee with a white anchor, a block plaid skirt, some tank tops, a red sailor skirt with cute buttons, and a preppy-as-heck green linen sweater. When I wear it I feel like I should be married to a guy named Chauncy.

I also almost bought this skirt, but it is scary expensive. Man, I freakin' love lighthouses!

I also spent my mom's $100 gift card at Anthropologie and got a green lace tee and funky patterned denim skirt. The skirt was on clearance and is a miniscule size 4. It will fit me only between the hours of 7am and 12noon, for two weeks out of each month, but it's totally worth it.

Ellen and I spent some good bonding hours together and ate at the most awesomest diner ever - the Magnolia on S. Congress. We also visited Casino El Camino and I'm sad to say it's lustre has worn off. It's just not the same kind of fun for me that it was 10 years ago. But then again, wouldn't it be sort of sad if it were?


Sara said...

I love the sailor girl look. I bet it looks fab on your size 4 booty!!

Tefi Two Fists said...

Size 6ish+ booty is more like it! The size 4 is a dream that juuuuuust barely fits. There will be no sitting or eating in my new skirt.