Thursday, May 17, 2007

Peep peep

Now I really can't seem to stop. Etsy mania has taken over me. (See what happens when I spend hours in front of a computer?)

Here's my latest Etsy purchase (my third today!) from Madison Craft Studio:

I bought this pendant for two reasons:

1) I love birds in design. There's nothing cuter.

2) Madison Craft has inspired me to get back into the paper collage pendant craft. She uses wood and paper, both of which I have tons of at home. In the past I've used polymer clay, and it really is a little too time-consuming for me if I want to keep prices low for you. So I'm going to see about using up some of the wooden scraps and pretty paper I have lying around my studio. We'll see!

In the meantime, I'll string her pendant on a chain and show it off in Look-what-I-bought-on Etsy! fashion. *wink*


Sadie Lou said...

I'm addicted to etsy too! I don't have a store yet because I'm waiting for a shippment of supplies but I can't seem to stop buying and browsing etsy! I don't even do all the buying, I had people buy me things there for Mother's Day and my birthday (both this month). I'm going to bookmark you so I can watch your buying spree and you can feel free to browse my new blog--I'll take a look at your shop too...

Phillip Myglass said...

Dear "Tefi",

I've noticed you posted your comment on my blog, "If you were this Guy". Thanks a lot.

Everyday, I publish new posts on the blog just like the one you commented on. I hope I'll be seeing more of your comments. I really liked the comment you left on the blog.

I've bookmarked your blog on my browser.

-Phillip Myglass

p.s. I may need someone to help me maintain "If you Were This Guy." If you're interested..