Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Birthday Anatomy 101

Yesterday for my birthday, the three J's (Jason, Jen, Justin) and I went to see Body Worlds at the Science Museum in Fair Park. In a word, it was exhilerating.

But there are a million other words I could throw out there: interesting, freaky, disgusting, fascinating, artistic, nettlesome, colorful, smelly, overwhelming.

It will be in Dallas for 9 more days and then it moves on. I am seriously considering donating my body to an exhibit like this. I've always known I'd donate my body to science in general, but the idea of being plastinated and displayed for others to be wowed, educated, etc. is a really cool thought. I told Jen, "That way even in death I'm entertaining people!"

Check it out if you can!

Side Note: The plastination process uses a polymer much like the polymer clay I used to make this hot pink Tweet Tweet pendant. Freaky.

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Sadie Lou said...

Cute necklace! I don't know what to say about Body Worlds. My sister saw it in San Fran and said she had mixed emotions--it's not for me I don't think.
We have birthdays close together! Mine is Tuesday...